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Solar Panels, Inverters, Hybrid Controllers, Solar Generator Suppliers

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Foshan Hanse Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. As the world’s leading supplier of electric energy and new energy solutions, Hans has strong strength and is involved in solar inverters, hybrid solar inverters, solar controllers, UPS, and other fields. Used in residential, telecom, power, infrastructure, and industrial markets. With excellent product quality, reasonable price, and reliable after-sales service, it has been exported to more than 100 countries and regions

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Hanse is one of the world’s leading suppliers of renewable energy solutions, we manufacture and sell a wide range of solar products including home solar systems, solar inverters, solar panels, solar controllers and more. We have been researching silicon wafers, cells, modules and photovoltaic power station technology for 8 years. With technological innovation, developed global sales and network services, Hanse’s solar energy products have been sold in 25 countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and America. Available in countries, it’s powering a greener tomorrow.


Solar Panel, Solar Charge Controller, Battery, Solar Inverter, Solar System, Mounting System, Other Accessories

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    All functions including photovoltaic solar power generation system, solar energy conversion rate, inverter instruction, controller commissioning, service and spare parts, technology, research and development are integrated to provide a complete solution package.

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