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A grid-tied solar power system is a system that connects solar energy to the mileage grid. The electricity produced by this system is fed into the grid and used to run the color bias. The same installation is also simple and easy to maintain.

What sets Hanse’s grid-connected solar power systems apart are three things:
1. Zero electricity bills – Although the solar power generation system is connected to the grid, the consumer only needs to pay for the remaining electricity he consumes. Bills generated each month determine whether consumers need to pay. At the same time, if consumers use lower power, the excess power is fed back into the grid.

2. Energy saving – grid-connected solar power system has the fewest factors and is easy to install. Banning the use of batteries makes protection very easy.

3. Passive income generation – By connecting to the grid, consumers can charge for the fertilizer they generate. Not only does it not cover your electricity bill, but it also takes advantage of the cost-effectiveness of the excess electricity generated.

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