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Solar inverter kits for solar power systems

Complete solar inverter kits found at inverter stores include all the necessary equipment for a portable off-grid power solution and a solar inverter system. We've simplified the process of creating a complete off-grid solar system with our kits to take the guesswork out of it. Of course, if you are still not sure what you need, you can contact us and one of our expert assistants will help you find the right solar panel kit for your needs.

What's Included in a Solar Inverter Kit

solar inverter kits

Solar Inverter

Shop our selection of solar inverter kits. Hire a local contractor or install your own solar panel kit for even more savings!

Hanse’s solar inverters offer several advantages over traditional inverters. They are safer, easier to install, offer better shade tolerance, and enable scalable systems.

Solar Panel

We offer 4 types of solar panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, PERC, and thin film panels.

We supply the highest quality solar panels available in a variety of sizes, colors, wattages, and efficiencies. Specifically designed to meet your energy needs and your home’s unique specifications.

solar panel

Solar battery

Solar System Wires

Solar System Wires

solar bracket

solar bracket

Compare prices and performance from top brands to find the best solar inverters with warranties of up to 5 years. Buy the lowest-cost solar inverters for $1.03 to $3.00 per watt with the latest and greatest solar inverter kits, or microinverters. For a home or business, the solar tax credit saves 26%.

What You Get With a Solar Inverter Kits

  • Dual CPU intelligent control technology;
  • Mains mode/battery mode can be set;
  • Charging current/battery type can be set;
  • Intelligent fan control, safe and reliable;
  • Pure sine wave AC output, which can adapt to various types of loads;
  • The LCD displays the parameters of the equipment in real-time, and the operating status is clear at a glance;
  • Output overload, short circuit protection, various automatic protection, and alarm prompts;
  • Installation Notes;
  • 24/7 performance monitoring via web and smartphone;
  • Lifetime Technical Support;
  • Eligible for all tax credits, rebates, and incentives.

We’ll help you understand your solar needs!
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