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With daily updates on the lowest solar panel prices, Hanse offers a large selection of affordable 10kW PV systems for sale. These 10kW size grid-tie solar inverter kits include solar panels, inverter, rack mount system, hardware, wiring, permitting scheme and instructions. These are complete photovoltaic solar power systems for your home or business that include just about everything you need to get the system up and running quickly. Kit prices shown include hardware components only; click on any kit to add your choice of roof or ground mount full-service installation options.

A 10kW solar inverter kit requires up to 550 square feet of space. 10kW or 10 kilowatts is 10 kilowatts of DC direct current. This could generate an estimated 2,600 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of alternating current (AC) per month, assuming at least 5 hours of sunshine per day and with the solar array facing south. Highest output will be achieved with unobstructed south facing sun views for maximum solar energy. Actual power produced will vary based on location, equipment and installation factors. Refer to your electricity bill to see how many kilowatt-hours you actually use each month and compare it to what these low-cost 10kW solar inverter kits can produce.

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