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Our 10 kW solar systems come with a solar kit that produces at least 10kW (or 10,000 watts). This equates to approximately 435 to 725 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month, depending on your system selection, location, and other factors.

Choose between a 10kW solar kit with inverter and a 10.7kW off grid kit. Consider hiring a local contractor or installing your own solar panel kit for even more savings!

Frequently Asked Questions About 10KW Solar System

How much power can I get from a 10kW solar system?

Variables such as weather, temperature, the age of the system, and whether the panels are heavily soiled can all affect how much power a solar system can generate.

Typically, a 10kW solar system produces around 10,000 watts of direct current (DC) power. However, if you account for the system losses caused by the variables above, you can reduce the efficiency of the solar panel by about 5.5%.

How many panels does a 10kW solar kit contain?
The number of solar panels needed to generate 10 kilowatts of energy depends on the efficiency of the panels. Typically, you need about 40 panels

How much space do solar panels take up on my roof?
Hanse’s 10kW solar kit requires approximately 427 square feet of space.

Solar panels with microinverters allow you to place the panels in different positions, orientations and angles on the roof. If space is at a premium, this option will give you more flexibility.

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