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5kw portable Solar Generator System with built-in 5000w Lithium Battery

Solar Panel Type:
Monocrystalline Silicon, Polycrystalline Silicon
Battery Type:
Lead-Acid, Lithium Ion, lifePo4
Controller Type:
Mounting Type:
Ground Mounting, Roof Mounting
Load Power (W):
3KW, 8KW, 6KW, 5kW, 1kw, 1500w, 5000w
Output Voltage (V):
110VAC/220VAC, 110VAC/220VAC; 12VDC/5VDC
Output Frequency:
Work Time (h):

5kw Portable Solar Generator System with built-in 5000w lithium battery

Solar Inverter Applications

Hanse’s portable solar generator system is one of the most advanced solar generators in the world, its main features are:

  • Double CPU intelligent control technology, performance excellence;
  • The power mode / battery mode can be set up, flexibleapplication;
  • The type of battery / charging current can be set, convenient and practical;
  • smart fan control, safe and reliable;
  • The pure sine wave output, can adapt to various types of load;
  • The LCD real-time display device parameters, running status at a glance;
  • The output overload, short circuit protection, automatic protection and alarm;
  • The intelligent solar controller, overcharge, overdischarge protection, current limiting charging, multiple protection;
  • Automatic operation of the inverter, the use of the process does not require human values;

What can a portable solar generator have?

The solar power generation system consists of photovoltaic modules (including brackets), photovoltaic combiners, solar controllers, and batteries (including battery cabinets). If the load is AC equipment (220V or 110V), you need to configure an inverter. The functions of each part are as follows:

(1) Photovoltaic module: Photovoltaic module is an important part of the solar power generation system and a high-value part of the solar power generation system. Its function is to convert the sun’s radiation energy into electrical energy, or store it in the battery, or drive the load.

(2) Photovoltaic combiner box: The photovoltaic combiner box is used to reduce the connection between photovoltaic modules and inverters/controllers for easy maintenance. It has perfect anti-attack, over-current protection, lightning protection and other functions, perfect product. Safe and reliable.

(3) Solar controller: The solar controller provides the function of charging and discharging the photovoltaic module to the battery, such as overcharge, overdischarge protection, temperature compensation, etc., and other additional functions such as light control switch and time control switch. optional controller.

(4) Inverter: The electricity generated by photovoltaic modules is direct current, which cannot supply power to AC loads. The inverter needs to convert DC power into AC power for the load.

(5) Batteries: Generally, lead-acid batteries and gel batteries are used.
In small and micro systems, NiMH, NiCd or lithium batteries can also be used. Its role is to store the energy generated by the solar panels when there is light, and then release it when needed.

Application use

Supplementary current power supply and primary power supply for non-electric places, rural areas, residences, commerce, industry, ships, and independent power stations

Solar Generator Technical Data Sheet

Rated power(W)5,000Watt (10KW)
Output current(A)42A
Charge current(A)Calculate according to the battery capacity
Charging functionCharger outside(optional)
Top instantaneous power120  of technical index ,10s
Input voltage192VDC
Output voltage120/240V AC 3%
Output frequency60HZ /0.05Hz
Power without load0.8A DC
(THD)≤5(linearity load)
Ambient Temperature-2065


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