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1000W-2000W portable solar generator kit with battery

Number of USB ports:4
Running Watts:1600
Peak Power Output (Watts): 1600
Number of outlets: 3
Number of 12 VDC plug outputs: 1
Generator Length (Inches): 14.1
Generator Weight (lbs): 25
Battery capacity (Wh): 1186

Product detailed video

1000W-2000W portable solar generator kit with battery

Details of the Solar Generator kit

From camping aisles to yard parties, clean, quiet, and immigration-free power from the Hanse Portable Solar Creator allow you to power up in an instant. Enjoy a gas-free, odor-free, noise-free solar generator. Powers a variety of electronic devices such as phones, refrigerators, laptops, drone batteries, power tools, and more, with integrated 12V AC and 12V DC outlets, USB-A and USB-C fixtures, and a 15W wireless charging pad. Imports only 24 lbs and has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to take your solar generator from one place to another. View all your important information on the large full-color 4.5″ display and use solar power to charge the solar creator when needed, with a built-in MPPT controller, no regulator accessory required (solar panels sold separately), or via a household outlet, 12V automatic pumping, and any combination charging system. For over 20 years, Hanse has been a trusted supplier of power generation equipment, creating products that give you the freedom to control your world.

Product parameter table:

Battery Voltage25.6V25.6V25.6V
Rated Power1000W1500W2000W
Ac InputMains charging current15A-20A
Input Voltage Range140-275V170-275V
Input Frequency45-65Hz
Ac OutputOutput Voltage230VAC
Output Frequency50/60Hz
Output WavePure Sine Wave
Specification Of Built-in LifePO4 Battery2000 times D.O.D 80%;8S1P;Standard discharge current 50A2000 times D.O.D 80%;8S1P;Standard discharge current 100A2000 times D.O.D 80%;8S1P;Standard discharge current 100A
LifePO4 Battery Capacity25.6V-50AH(1280WH)25.6V-100AH(2560WH)25.6V-100AH(2560WH)
Solar Input
Max. PV Power820W820W820W
Range Of Charging Voltage35-100VDC35-100VDC35-100VDC
Rated Charge Current30A(MPPT)30A(MPPT)30A(MPPT)
Voltage for Floating Charge28.4VDC28.4VDC28.4VDC
DC Output
Low Voltage Recovery Voltage26.8VDC26.8VDC26.8VDC
Low Voltage Protection Voltage22.4VDC22.4VDC22.4VDC
5VDC USB Output2 pieces USB2.0  5VDC2.4A(Max)
12VDC Output Ports2 pieces MAX 2A
Heat Dissipation/CoolingTemperature control by intelligent exhaust fan
DisplayDigital LCD+LED
External Size:W*D*H(mm)480*192*410mm497*282*440mm497*282*440mm
Package Size:W*D*H(mm)527*277*475mm557*377*515mm557*377*515mm
N.W (Net Weight)25kg38kg42kg
G.W (Gross Weight)27kg42kg45kg

How Hanse’s Solar Generator Works

The All-in-one portable solar generator uses the electricity from the solar photovoltaic array preferentially, and the inverter is in the battery operation state first and outputs AC power; when the energy provided by the photovoltaic array exceeds the working energy of the load, the energy provided by the photovoltaic array is within the range that meets the load energy. At the same time, the remaining part is stored in the battery; when the energy provided by the photovoltaic array is not enough to load the working energy, all the energy provided by the photovoltaic array is delivered to the load, and the insufficient part of the energy is provided by the battery. When this situation continues (such as at night time) When the energy of the battery drops to the low voltage alarm threshold (single 12V battery < 10.8V), the power supply of the load is automatically switched to the mains system, and the energy is provided by the mains. At this time, the battery is in a waiting state for charging; when the solar photovoltaic array When the battery is replenished to the full threshold (single 12V battery > 13.6V), the inverter will automatically run on the battery again, outputting the AC running state, the load energy is provided by the photovoltaic array and the battery, and the mains is in a standby state;

Portable Solar Power System

● Built-in power frequency transformer, strong impact resistance;
● Pure sine wave AC output, can adapt to various types of loads;
● Mains mode/battery mode can be set, flexible application;
● 5VDC-USB output, 12VDC port output, convenient and practical;
● LCD+LED displays the parameters of the equipment in real time, and the running status 
is clear at a glance;
● Overcharge and overdischarge protection, prolong battery life;
● Intelligent fan, built-in double bearing balls, service life of more than 5 years;
● Protection function: output overload protection, short circuit protection, battery 
overcharge protection, battery undervoltage protection, over temperature protection, etc.


The solar generator is an all-in-one solution that integrates the inverter and LifePO4 battery into one unit. Provides an economical and self-sufficient solution that allows homeowners to seamlessly store excess solar energy during the day to power their home both day and night. Product features include Li-Ion battery modules that are lighter than lead-acid batteries and compact/elegant designs. This generator offers 2 operating node settings to suit individual houses. Different operating modes, including user programmable, can be easily configured according to the user’s energy management needs. The photovoltaic power source has priority, and the charging source has priority.


Why Hanse

FOSHAN HANSE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is established in 2004. As the world’s leading supplier of solutions for electric energy and new energy, HANSE has powerful strength and is engaged in the field of solar inverters, solar inverters solar panels, batteries with the built-in solar controller, solar controllers, UPS, which are used for household, telecommunication, electricity, infrastructure, and industrial markets.

All products purchased by our company have our warranty commitment, parts will be shipped for free during the warranty period.

We have a professional technical team and our focus is on customers’ demands, continuous innovation, and establishing good cooperation with more and more

clients The leading-edge technology has become a competitive advantage for our customers and business. HANSE is becoming a strong brand step by step depending on high quality and strict self-demanding. We have won a good reputation among clients.

If there are other problems, please contact us in time.


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