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2kw Portable Solar Generator Kit with built-in lithium battery

Key Features of The solar energy storage system:

  • Pure sine wave output;
  • 2000 cycles LifePO4 lithium battery and has a 5 years service life;
  • The mains input automatically turns on and activate the LifePO4 lithium battery
  • The mains supply mode/battery mode can be set for flexible;
  • Convenient and practical  5VDC-USB2.0;and 12VDC output port;
  • MPPT Controller greatly improving the charging efficiency more than 20%;
  • Overcharge protection and over discharge protection for a longer battery life;

2kw Portable Solar Generator Kit with built-in lithium battery

2kw Portable Solar Generator Kit


The solar generator kit is an all-in-one solution,It integrates an inverter and a LifePO4
The battery is all in one. solar power
Economical and self-sufficient solution allows
Homeowners seamlessly store excess solar energy
power their home during the day
and night. Product features include lithium-ion
Battery modules that are lighter than lead-acid batteries
battery and compact/elegant design. and,
The solar generator offers 2 operating mode settings
to suit individual houses. very easy to configure
Between different operating modes according to the user
need about
their energy management, including user-programmable
Photovoltaic power supply priority, charging power supply priority.

2kw Portable Solar Generator parameter table:

Battery Voltage25.6V25.6V25.6V
Rated Power1000W1500W2000W
Ac InputMains charging current15A-20A
Input Voltage Range140-275V170-275V
Input Frequency45-65Hz
Ac OutputOutput Voltage230VAC
Output Frequency50/60Hz
Output WavePure Sine Wave
Specification Of Built-in LifePO4 Battery2000 times D.O.D 80%;8S1P;Standard discharge current 50A2000 times D.O.D 80%;8S1P;Standard discharge current 100A2000 times D.O.D 80%;8S1P;Standard discharge current 100A
LifePO4 Battery Capacity25.6V-50AH(1280WH)25.6V-100AH(2560WH)25.6V-100AH(2560WH)
Solar Input
Max. PV Power820W820W820W
Range Of Charging Voltage35-100VDC35-100VDC35-100VDC
Rated Charge Current30A(MPPT)30A(MPPT)30A(MPPT)
Voltage for Floating Charge28.4VDC28.4VDC28.4VDC
DC Output
Low Voltage Recovery Voltage26.8VDC26.8VDC26.8VDC
Low Voltage Protection Voltage22.4VDC22.4VDC22.4VDC
5VDC USB Output2 pieces USB2.0  5VDC2.4A(Max)
12VDC Output Ports2 pieces MAX 2A
Heat Dissipation/CoolingTemperature control by intelligent exhaust fan
DisplayDigital LCD+LED
External Size:W*D*H(mm)480*192*410mm497*282*440mm497*282*440mm
Package Size:W*D*H(mm)527*277*475mm557*377*515mm557*377*515mm
N.W (Net Weight)25kg38kg42kg
G.W (Gross Weight)27kg42kg45kg

What is included in the 2kw Portable Solar Generator Kit:

solar panelMonocrystalline solar panel rated power: 195W
Open circuit voltage (Voc): 21.6V
Short circuit current: 10.83A
Operating current (Iop): 9.02A
Output tolerance: ±3%
Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
Size: 1400*670*35 mm
Weight: 13.2kg
lithium battery
lithium battery
Battery capacity: 50AH
Battery voltage: 48V
Operating temperature: -20°C -60°C
Maximum charging current: 40A
Maximum discharge current: 50A
Size: 13.8*7.4*9.6(inch)
Weight: 38.4(lbs)
100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Solar Cell
Normal working voltage: 12V
Rated capacity (10hr): 100AH
Constant voltage charging temperature: 15°C-25°C
Standby use: 13.5-13.8V
Cycle use: 14.5-15V
Battery Type: Lithium
Size: 11.7* 8.38*6.41 inches
2kw Portable Solar Generator2kw Portable Solar Generator
Rated Power:2000WMains charging current:15-20A

Protection class: IP65
Surge Lightning Protection: Yes

12AWG cable
12AWG cable
Red and black cables with connectors.
For extending panel cables and connecting controllers.
Mounting brackets
Z-shaped solar panel holder.
Stainless steel nuts and cap bolts.

Why Choose Hanse Solar Generator:

Whether you need to keep your lights on when the grid goes out or want to charge your phone while camping, a solar generator is a great way to have extra energy on hand.

Technically, a Hanse solar generator is any system that uses solar energy. But what most people mean by a “solar generator” is a portable power station that uses solar panels instead of fossil fuels to provide electricity.

Because it’s free fuel from the sun, it’s quiet and low maintenance.

Portable solar generators use solar panels to capture solar energy and then store that energy in batteries for later use. Most solar generators are used for RV camping, boats, and as backup power in the event of a grid outage.

Mode of transport

Solar generator loading

Solar generator loading

We use sea transportation to deliver the goods to your hands. Generally, we guarantee that the goods will be delivered within 15 days. If you purchase other products at the same time, the delivery time will be calculated separately.


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