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2kw 3kw 5kw Home Solar Generator Kit Price

Solar Generator product features

● Intelligent control inverter technology, excellent performance;
● Pure sine wave AC output, strong adaptability to load;
● LCD+LED display mode, the operating status of the equipment is clear at a glance;
● Output overload protection, various automatic protection and alarm;
● Solar array and battery co-positive system;
● Intelligent charging control, programmable setting of charging parameter points. To meet the special requirements of different occasions;
● The setting of various protection parameters of the battery has the function of password protection;

Product Description

Solar generators combine a high-capacity rechargeable power station (basically a large mobile battery) with an array of removable solar panels to create a versatile device that can be used for your The home provides temporary power and doubles as off-grid conditioning, such as a cookout outdoors. They are safer to store and use, easier to maintain than gas generators, and make sense for emergency preparedness as concerns grow about power outages from storms and fires.

For solar generator systems, in order to reduce the connection between photovoltaic modules and inverters, facilitate maintenance, reduce losses, and improve product safety and reliability, it is generally necessary to add confluence devices between photovoltaic modules and inverters.
In addition to the function of the photovoltaic bus, the solar generator should also have a current counterattack, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, lightning protection, and a series of perfect protection functions.
The solar generators produced by our company have various functional requirements above, and the photovoltaic power grid can form a complete set of photovoltaic power generation system solutions from the use of network-type inverters.
By choosing us, users can form a PV module series in parallel according to the input voltage range of the back-end inverter, the size of the output power, a certain number of PV module systems with the same specifications, and enter the PV junction box, and then the circuit breaker controls the output and lightning protection. device protection, and then to the inverter for use.Of course, you can also choose a portable solar generator.

Installation Precautions

1. The installation of solar generators should be operated by professionals or assisted by local dealers.
2. Appropriate protective measures should be taken when transporting the generator; water droplets may appear when the generator is moved from a low-temperature environment to a high-temperature environment, and it should be completely dried before use to ensure safety.
3. Do not expose the solar generator to harsh environments such as humidity, flammable and explosive, or a large amount of dust; do not cover and block the ventilation openings, and reserve an air circulation gap of more than 10CM around the generator; in order to have good heat dissipation ;
4. First make sure that all the air switches on the panel are in the off position. When connecting the battery pack, please take off metal objects such as rings and watches, and pay attention to the polarity and terminal voltage of the battery pack and the generator parameters.

 If there are other problems, please contact us in time.

Product parameter table:

Input data
PV array input numbers46810
Max single PV array current10A
Single PV array fuse10A
Single PV array wire sizePG7、4mm2
Output data
Output numbers1
Max output current40A60A80A100A
Each way output wire sizePG16、each way 8mm2PG16、each way 10mm2PG16、each way 10mm2PG16、each way 16mm2
Max output voltage500VDC
DC output circuit breakeryes
Others data
Temperature range-30℃ ~ +60℃
Reference weight(N.W/G.W.)8.4/12.99.5/14.310.8/15.6
Machine size(D X W X H)360*340*145mm400*420*145mm
Packaging size(D X W X H)470*450*255mm530*510*255mm
Cooling wayNatural cooling
SPD protectionyes
Ground wire size≥6mm2


Terms and Certification:

1. Packaging: Export standard packaging suitable for harsh handling and sea shipping.
2. Delivery: The goods will be ready within 7~30 days, depending on the order quantity.
3. Warranty: 5 years for solar panel, 1 year for controller/inverter/battery/solar generator.
4. Freight way: by ship




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