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The best solar panels in Hanse in 2022

Transitioning to solar is a valuable investment. With an average original cost of around $11,000, you want to be confident that you’re installing the best solar system for your home. Our exploration of solar panels and brands will give you the information you need for the right solar panel.

To help you along the way, our home media review row has delved into dozens of solar panels to gather a list of the top solar panel options.

Portable Solar System Generator for Home with Solar Panel

solar generator

● Built-in power frequency transformer, strong impact resistance;

● Pure sine wave AC output, can adapt to various types of loads;

● Mains mode/battery mode can be set, flexible application;

● 5VDC-USB output, 12VDC port output, convenient and practical;

● LCD+LED displays the parameters of the equipment in real time,

1.The difference.

1, Offers a wide variety of high-efficiency PERC mono panels
2, Panel costs range from $2.85 to $3.05 per watt (W).
3, 30-year performance guarantee

The appearance is simple and easy to carry, and the total weight does not exceed 30 kg. Dimensions: 480*192*410mm W*D*H(mm). There are two 5VDC USB output ports and two 12VDC output ports, which can be used at the same time without worrying about overload. The charging voltage range is 35-100VDC.

2.Disadvantages of it

Has decent efficiency, but not the highest in our solar panel review.

3.Why recommend it?

From camping aisles to yard parties, the Hanse Portable Solar Creator provides clean, quiet, and immigration-free power to get you started in an instant. Enjoy a gas-free, odor-free, noise-free solar generator. Power a variety of electronic devices such as phones, refrigerators, laptops, drone batteries, power tools, and more with integrated 12V AC and 12V DC outlets, USB-A and USB-C fixtures, and a 15W wireless charging pad. Imports only 24 pounds and has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to take your solar generator from one place to another.

10kw Solar Panel With MPPT Inverter

A 10kW solar trolley could take up more than 575 square feet of space. Assuming the solar panels face south with at least 5 sun hours per day, this can result in an estimated 1,000 to 5,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of scattering current (AC) per month. 

The most sublime things will be achieved through the uninterrupted view of the south-facing sun for maximum solar power. Actual power produced will vary based on location, equipment, and installation factors. 

1.The difference.

1, perform well in hot climates
2, Guaranteed 92% output for up to 25 years
3, Provide 25 years product warranty

2.Disadvantages of it

Larger models of solar panels may not work well on smaller roofs.

3.Why recommend it?

Charge Current: 10A-20A
Frequency: 45-65Hz
Rated voltage: 96VDC/192VDC
Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Battery: Lithium Ion
Protection: overloads
Output overload: 110-120%/30S;>160%/300ms

This model of solar panel is the most efficient we've tested.

5kw Solar Panel Kit

The 5kw Solar Panel Kit is designed with shingled monocrystalline silicon solar power to use more solar cells in a smaller space, ideal for limited space. Although these panels are more cost-effective than the regular mono-crystalline silicon series, this model has shortcomings in terms of durability.

1.The difference.

1、Easy to install, it can be easily installed on the ground, roof, and carport.
2、The panel adopts monocrystalline silicon, which saves space and improves efficiency.

2.Disadvantages of it

1、Free installation is not provided.

2、Poor performance in warm environments.

3.Why recommend it?

● Dual CPU intelligent control technology, excellent performance;
● Mains mode/battery mode can be set, flexible application;
● The charging current/battery type can be set, which is convenient and practical;
● Intelligent fan control, safe and reliable;

5kw Solar Panel Kit

The latest panel models are backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 25-year performance guarantee, only available in China. Since no installer is required for these longer warranties, homeowners will receive these protections from the date of purchase.

1.The difference.

1. Provide 25 years performance warranty
2. The efficiency range is higher than the industry standard of 17%
3. The product warranty period is extended from 12 years to 25 years

2.Disadvantages of it

1. Has faced quality issues in the past
2. Lack of high-power panel options

3.Why recommend it?

● Dual CPU intelligent control technology, excellent performance;
● Mains mode/battery mode can be set, flexible application;
● The charging current/battery type can be set, which is convenient and practical;
● Intelligent fan control, safe and reliable;

Solar Panel with 5kw hybrid solar inverter

Toroidal transformer, small no-load current, low loss, high power conversion rate;

The best craftsmanship, complete wiring, the wire head of the circuit board is never loose, and the failure rate is extremely low;

The power board adopts moisture-proof, dust-proof, and anti-static paint to reduce unnecessary losses and improve work efficiency.


1.The difference.

The solar panels feature an industry-leading efficiency mark (22.8%) and a warranty that guarantees at least 92% of yield after 25 years.

2.Disadvantages of it

No solar lease or PPA options available

3.Why recommend it?

Global supply

In-house production of solar panels, batteries, and EV chargers

25-year all-inclusive warranty covering the entire system and components



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