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Solar Controller Technical Manual

1. Product features
● MCU intelligent control technology, excellent performance;
● Optional Chinese and English menus, LCD+LED display, the operating status of the equipment is clear at a glance;
● Solar array, battery common positive system, multi-channel independent solar array input control;
● Setting of various battery protection parameters;
● It can display the current battery voltage, battery charging current, internal temperature of the chassis, AH accumulation of photovoltaic power generation, AH accumulation of load power consumption, photovoltaic current of each solar array separately charged, etc.
● Complete protection: battery positive and negative polarity is reversed, battery is overcharged, internal cooling control of the chassis (when the temperature is higher than 45 °C, the fan will be turned on), a series of protection and alarm functions for battery anti-reverse charging at night;
● With history record function and password protection function;
● With clock display function;

3kw Hybrid Solar Inverter System

2. Installation Instructions
1. Unpacking inspection
1.1. Open the package of the equipment, please check the product accessories, including: a controller host, a user manual.
1.2. Check whether the equipment is damaged during transportation. If any damage or missing accessories are found, please do not turn it on and inform the carrier and dealer.

2. Installation Precautions
2.1. The installation equipment should be operated by professionals, or assisted by local dealers.
2.2. Appropriate protective measures should be taken when transporting the equipment; when the equipment is moved from a low temperature environment to a high temperature environment, water droplets may appear, and it should be completely dried before use to ensure safety.
2.3. Do not expose the equipment to harsh environments such as humidity, flammable, explosive, or dust accumulation; do not cover and block the ventilation openings, and reserve an air circulation gap of more than 10CM around the equipment for good heat dissipation;
2.4. First make sure that all switches on the rear panel are in the off position. When connecting solar arrays and battery packs, please take off metal objects such as rings and watches, and pay attention to their polarity and terminal voltage consistent with the equipment parameters;

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